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Accident Injury Statute of Limitations


We have successfully helped thousands of people who’ve been injured in automobile accidents recover tens of millions of dollars over the years.

The statute of limitations sets the time in which legal proceedings must be brought.  Different states have different statutes of limitations, or deadlines, in which certain types of lawsuits must be brought.  In Florida, different types of injury and death related claims may subject to different statutes of limitations.  The Florida Accident Attorneys at The Trial Professionals are familiar with all the applicable statute of limitations and will help ensure that your claim protected from any deadlines. 

Under Florida law, a person has four years from the date of his or her automobile accident to make a claim against the individual whose negligence caused the accident.  The statute of limitations for an injury as the result of a defective product, such as a faulty air bag or other mechanical failure, is also four years.  If you have questions regarding an automobile accident or other injury you should contact an experienced Florida Accident Attorney as soon as possible to make sure your claim is protected.

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