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Weather Related Accidents


It is in your best interest to speak with an attorney first, and make sure you fully understand your rights and options before you speak with an insurance adjuster, if at all.

Although it may be the Sunshine State, as Florida residents are well aware, we get our fair share of inclement weather.  Heavy rains and wind can impair our ability to see the road, traffic conditions, and impair your vehicles ability to brake in time to avoid a collision.  Strong winds can cause hazards to blow into traffic and onto the roadways.  Strong winds can also cause vehicles to drift unintentionally between lanes and cause travelers to drive faster than they realize.

Poor weather conditions are not a valid defense under Florida law.  If a person causes an accident they are legally responsible for the accident regardless of the weather conditions at the time.  It is important to take extra care when driving in inclement weather.  To help prevent weather-related accidents, the experienced and aggressive Florida Accident Attorneys at The Trial Professionals recommend the following:

  • Adjust your speed accordingly during poor weather -  Slow down whenever traveling in the rain or in windy conditions
  • Routinely inspect your vehicles tires - Daily wear and tear reduces the tread on your tires.  The less tread on your tires, the less grip your tires will have in rainy conditions.
  • Be aware of vehicles around you -  Leave extra distance between you vehicle and the vehicle in front and around you.  Poor weather conditions will impair not only your ability to see and react quickly, but also the time it takes your vehicle to stop.

Contact the Florida auto Attorneys at The Trial Professionals if you have been injured in an accident due to bad weather driving.

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