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How do I file a NuvaRing lawsuit?

If you have been injured by the use of NuvaRing, the first step in filing a Nuvaring lawsuit is to consult with a NuvaRing attorney. You can arrange a free consultation with a Florida NuvaRing lawyer by contacting us on our toll free number or by using the contact form on this page.

What happens after I speak with a NuvaRing lawyer?

Once you have discussed your potential NuvaRing lawsuit with your NuvaRing lawyer, certain documentation will need to be signed by you giving the NuvaRing lawyer the right to collect certain evidence, including medical records, to represent you in your Nuvaring lawsuit.

How much will it cost to file a NuvaRing lawsuit?

You will not have to pay anything upfront to file your Nuvaring Lawsuit. The Trial Professionals only work with experienced Nuvaring Lawyers that agree to take NuvaRing Lawsuit clients on a fee contingency basis. You do not pay any out-of-pocket legal fees related to the legal work involved in your NuvaRing Lawsuit. Your Nuvaring Lawyer will only be paid legal fees if they win your case. The amount of those fees will be based on how much the NuvaRing Lawyer recovers for you in your NuvaRing Lawsuit.

How much money will I get from my NuvaRing lawsuit?

The amount of money you stand to collect from your NuvaRing lawsuit will depend on numerous factors. The extent of your injuries is a major factor in determining how much money you may receive in your Nuvaring Lawsuit. It is not possible to put an exact number on how much you may be paid from your NuvaRing Lawsuit. Your Florida Nuvaring attorney will provide you with the best information available.

How many NuvaRing Lawsuit cases have been filed?

A significant number of Nuvaring Lawsuit vases have already been filed by women in the United States who used the contraceptive device NuvaRing and experienced blood clot related injuries. An excerpt from a NuvaRing Lawsuit is included on this page for educational purposes for women who were injured by NuvaRing and are interested in filing a NuvaRing Lawsuit.

What issues led to the Nuvaring Lawsuit?

As early as 1995, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued statements acknowledging that studies existed indicating that the use of NuvaRing increased a woman’s risk of experiencing a blood clot related injury two fold. If you or a loved one has experienced permanent damage to your health after using Nuvaring, contact us to discuss your options. The Trial Professionals can help connect you with a Florida NuvaRing attorney to give you information regarding potential compensation. Contact the Florida NuvaRing attorneys at Trial Professionals today for a free case evaluation.

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