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Florida Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

The attorneys at The Trial Professionals don’t believe there is ever a drunken driving accident.  Driving drunk is a choice.  When a person who has been drinking chooses to get behind the wheel of an automobile they put their life and the lives of other drivers at risk.  Our office is always looking to help plaintiffs and the families who have been affected by drunk drivers in Florida.

Drunk-driving accidents make our entire Trial Professional team extremely angry and motivated!

The state of Florida supports a no-tolerance stand against drunk driving.  The act of drunk driving in Florida is viewed as reckless disregards for the safety of others.  The Florida Supreme Court has held that punitive damages are an appropriate measure to help discourage drunk driving.  Punitive damages are awarded in addition to actual damages and are designed to punish the defendant and to deter others from causing tragic accidents as a result of drinking and driving.  If you are the victim of a drunk driver you are entitled to the payment of damages for your property and medical expenses, and also for damages for pain and suffering and punitive damages. 

The threat of a claim for punitive damages may lead to a higher recovery for our clients.

If you or a loved one has been injured a result of a drunk driver, contact the dedicated Florida drunk driving Attorneys at The Trial Professionals for a free case evaluation.

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