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Florida Motorcycle Insurance Information


Motorcycle insurance can be a complex issue.  Many riders simply don’t have adequate insurance information.  Insurance agents are not always the most reliable source of insurance information, as their primary interest is to gain your business.  Without a complete understanding of the coverage types and facts about motorcycle insurance, riders can find themselves being left with many unexpected expenses in the event of an accident.  It is important for all riders to evaluate the forms of motorcycle insurance available, and choose a policy that best suits their needs.

Our experienced Florida motorcycle accident Attorneys are very familiar with all of the different types of insurance coverage, and constantly stay abreast of new developments in motor vehicle insurance laws, including the new PIP laws that recently went into effect.

In general, motorcycle coverage is available for both your bike and for your body.  Additional insurance coverage can be purchased to insure yourself should you be injured and are not at fault, but the other party has insufficient insurance coverage to properly compensate you for all of your injuries.  Many riders purchase a “full coverage” policy believing this will be sufficient to protect them in an accident.  Unfortunately, they are often mistaken.  Full coverage simply means they have coverage in all categories.  It does not, however, mean a rider has sufficient coverage in each of these categories.

We feel it’s in your best interest to have your car repairs paid for by the other side’s insurance company if possible, even if you have collision coverage yourself.

In order to purchase an insurance policy that is appropriate for you, it is important to understand the major categories of motorcycle insurance coverage.  Listed below is a brief description of all the major categories of motorcycle insurance coverage:

  • Property damage: This covers you in the event you are responsible for causing damage to another’s property.
  • Collision: As the name implies, this category covers your motorcycle in the event of an accident regardless of who is at fault.
  • Comprehensive: This category covers your motorcycle and its parts if any damage is caused as a result of theft, vandalism, flood, or fire.
  • Umbrella: Covers you if the damages you cause are greater than the amount of your other coverage.
  • Uninsured/underinsured: This category covers you if you are injured in an accident by another person who either does not carry insurance or does not have sufficient coverage to fully compensate you for your injuries.

You should never assume that the other driver’s insurance will cover the damages resulting from a motorcycle accident.  It is important to obtain accurate motorcycle insurance information and purchase a policy that best suits your needs.  If you need assistance following a motorcycle accident contact a dedicated Florida motorcycle accident Attorney at The Trial Professionals for a free case evaluation.

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