Insurance Bad Faith and Tornado Flooding

If your insurance company has not properly compensated you for flooding, you may be a victim of bad faith insurance conduct. Bad faith conduct may be expressed in a number of ways:

  • Your insurance company refuses to comply with the terms of coverage in your homeowner, rental or building policy
  • Your automobile is covered for flooding and your insurance company refuses to compensate you for damages
  • Your insurance company harasses you, threatens you or treats you in a combative manner
  • Failing to comply with insurance industry standards
  • Misrepresentation of facts, laws or policy coverage
  • Many other types of conduct; ask your attorney

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The Trial Professionals provide superior legal representation to Florida tornado victims who have been subjected to bad faith conduct by their insurance companies. We are plaintiffs' rights attorneys who fight on our clients’ behalf for the maximum amount of compensation available.

Insurers are far more inclined to tender a reasonable and fair settlement offer if you are represented by an experienced, attorney with a successful track record than if you do not have representation. We will usually seek a negotiated settlement first; if the insurance company refuses to offer a reasonable amount of compensation, we have the option of filing suit in court, as well as seeking punitive damages for bad faith conduct. Cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis and there are no legal fees unless we successfully resolve your case. We offer a free case review, which you can schedule by calling one of our Florida tornado damage Attorneys today.



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