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Compensation for Damages


Florida residents are vulnerable to many types of natural disasters, including Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Tornadoes, Flooding, and Fires. Depending on the type of insurance you carry, you may be eligible for compensation due to damage caused by tropical storms and other natural disasters, including:

  • Vehicles: If your car was damaged and you have comprehensive coverage in your auto insurance policy, contact your auto insurance company. If your car has been so badly damaged that it's not worth repairing, you will receive a check for the car's actual cash value -- what it would have been worth if it had been sold just before the disaster. Kelley Blue Book or other such publications can give you an idea of what your car was worth.
  • Trees and shrubbery: Most insurance companies will pay up to $500 for the removal of trees or shrubs that have fallen on your home. They will also pay for damage caused to insured structures and their contents up to policy limits, but they won't pay to remove trees that have fallen causing a mess in your yard.
  • Water: While homeowner’s policies don't cover flood damage, they cover other kinds of water damage. For example, they will generally pay for damage from rain coming through a hole in the roof or a broken window as long as the hole was caused by a hurricane or other disaster covered by the policy. If there is water damage, check with your agent or insurance company representative as to whether it is covered.

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