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Disaster Recovery & Rebuilding


Powerful weather events such as hurricanes are dangerous reminders of the importance of proper planning, emergency preparedness, and the need to work with experienced professionals to properly recover losses and rebuild homes, businesses and communities.

The dedicated Florida natural disaster Attorneys at The Trial Professionals have years of experience handling storm-related claims, including dozens of hurricanes all throughout Florida. We bring a team approach, including our legal team led by the former National Coordinating Counsel for one of the largest insurance companies in the world, also brings board certified construction law experts, specific structural engineering experts, electrical/corrosion engineering experts, general contractor experts, estimators, adjusters, plumbing and other specific experts that know how to find damage and process claims. They are experts in what they do and our substantial experience tells us that to maximize recovery, you are best served by using a team that brings a wealth of experts to your rescue.

We treat your case like it is our own.

We shoulder the entire burden for you. We require no additional upfront fees from you. We offer to take the case on a “contingency” – which means that you pay nothing unless we win. We receive our fees only if we are successful in settlement or other enforcement/court award. We take the risk, we front the costs for all of the experts necessary to prove damages and for the attorney and staff time and office expenses necessary to pursue your claim to ultimate settlement or trial verdict. 

Navigating Proofs of Loss and other Technical Insurance Requirements 

The claims process can be technical and complicated, and the insurance company is not necessarily there to pay you the most money. We know how to cut through the delays and red tape associated with the insurance company. For example, it is not a defense for the insurance company to say that they are busy with all the claims. It is not a defense to say that you need to do all your own investigation. It is not a defense to delay in getting expert personnel out to fully investigate and pay your claims. It is not a defense to say your claim doesn’t need investigating. We will not allow the insurance company to get away with these types of responses. Rather, we ensure that the insurance company keeps the promise made to you.

Insurance claims vary in the types of damages you may recover. Depending upon your specific policy, you may be entitled to coverage for damages to your dwelling, including your roof, structure, walls, interior, plumbing, paint, furniture and personal property, as well as outside fencing or other structures, trees and shrubs, expenses for having to live in hotels or other places that require you to expend moneys. You may have coverage for many other items, such as loss of use of the premises, payment for moneys expended in having to live apart from the premises while it is being repaired, among other items, depending upon your specific insurance policy. 

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