Protecting Your Rights in the Wake Tornado Damage

Floridians are all too familiar with the destruction that tornadoes, wind and other weather can cause to homes, businesses, vehicles and other property. If your life has been impacted by serious storm damage, you are left to literally pick up the pieces. You expect to receive support from the insurance company you have paid regular premiums to, but many property owners find that their insurance companies deny valid claims for coverage or prolong the review process.

The Florida tornado damage Attorneys at Trial Professionals help individuals and businesses recover after a tornado by expediting payment from insurance companies, including coverage for alternative living arrangements until your own home can be properly restored if that was written into your policy.

Obviously, a major tornado that causes millions of dollars of damage will keep insurance companies busy reviewing claims. However, policyholders have a right to a timely review of their claim and payment on their policy in an equally timely fashion. Instead, many policyholders end up patching together a solution while they await the outcome of their insurance claim. This can cause unnecessary financial strain.

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Whether you are dealing with a business interruption policy, homeowner's claim or auto insurance, we know how to help you receive the full amount of insurance benefits described in your policy.

If your insurance company acted in bad faith by unreasonably delaying or denying payment of your claim, we may pursue punitive damages against the insurance company and recover compensation in excess of your policy limits.

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