Post-Disaster Checklist for Condominium, Homeowner & Coop Communities Impacted By the Storm


Resist the urge to contract with these initial offers until you have done the following:

  • Activate Your Disaster Plan - Once residents are safe, the community must begin surveying the property and assessing the damage. A designated information facilitator should set up system of information sharing among local homeowners and a disaster coordinator should serve as liaison to emergency services providers.
  • Secure your community from acts of vandalism and looting.
  • Remove storm debris to prevent accidents from occurring on the property.
  • Secure building structures to mitigate further damage.
  • Determine needs for immediate reconstruction and evaluate financing options including advances from insurance company for financial advances. Beware of any insurance companty offering money in exchange for releases or settlements.
  • Suspend or cancel on going contracts such as lawn or pool maintenance if allowed for in your contract.
  • Review governing documents particularly anything related to "repair after casualty" provisions in the insurance section to establish process for reconstruction.
  • Initiate reconstruction planning using the five phases of reconstruction: project planning/scheduling; construction bidding; contract negotiations; construction/repair/rehabilitation; project completion/close out.
  • Review Insurance policies to determine filing requirements for proof of loss forms.
  • Meet with licensed professionals familiar with your community including: 
    • Architect/engineers to assess damage and prepare plans;
    • Construction managers to oversee selection of general contractor and begin competitive bidding process
    • Attorneys to review insurance policies, governing documents, construction contracts and any vendor agreements; and;
    • Public adjusters who are independent of your insurance company's adjuster who can be helpful with the nuances of an ambiguous insurance policy. Most independent adjusters work for a fee based upon percentage of insurance proceeds. 

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