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Florida Nursing Home Neglect Attorney


The decision to place a parent, grandparent, or other loved one in a nursing home is one of the most difficult decisions any family can make. You have every right to expect that your loved one will be treated with dignity, respect, compassion, and quality care.

More and more elderly individuals seek care in American nursing homes every year. Unfortunately, some statistics suggest that as many as one-third of individuals residing in nursing homes experience some form of abuse or neglect. Perhaps even more troubling is that the vast majority of this abuse and neglect either goes unnoticed or unreported.

We want to join you in helping combat the mistreatment of our parents, grandparents, and other elderly loved ones. If you notice ANYTHING unusual about your loved one’s treatment, health, or behavior, please do not hesitate to contact the Florida nursing home attorneys at The Trial Professionals.

Disclaimer: The Trial Professionals refers nursing home cases to experienced nursing home attorneys at other firms and does not usually handle these cases itself.

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