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Florida Nursing Home Bed Sore Attorney


If a nursing home's neglect has resulted in a bed sore or pressure ulcer, financial compensation may be available through a Florida nursing home lawsuit. Nursing home bed sores are also known as pressure sores or decubitus ulcers. These sores are caused by a lack of blood flow to an area of the skin resulting from prolonged pressure on one area of the body, which could be caused by neglect or negligent nursing care. Bed sores commonly develop on areas with prominent bones beneath thin layers of skin, such as the tailbone, heels, elbows and shoulder blades, hips, back, elbow, ankles, and heels. Nursing home residents and people staying at a hospital are at high risk for bedsores because they often times remain sedentary in a bed or wheelchair.

Examples of neglect that could contribute to the development of bed sores in a nursing home include:

  • Immobile residents being allowed to remain in the same position for extended periods of time
  • Failing to provide proper nutrition and
  • Allowing moisture to remain close to the skin, which could be the result of not changing soiled adult diapers or wet bed sheets
  • Failing to check residents regularly for signs of pressure sores
  • Failing to notify the family and physician upon development of sores so that proper treatment may be rendered

Most people do not develop bedsores, since they are constantly moving and repositioning themselves. However, many nursing home residents are disabled and unable to move independently. These individuals rely on others to care for them and prevent the development of bedsores. Trust is placed in the nursing home to provide the proper care and attention that the family is unable to provide in their home. In many nursing homes across the country residents are neglected. Failure to properly turn and reposition a resident could lead to severe and life-threatening bedsores or decubitus ulcers. In many cases, a nursing home may not notify the family or physician of the existence of bedsores. Failure to report the existence of bedsores or any changes in their condition will result in the resident being left with untreated open wounds. In severe cases, unrecognized pressure sores or inappropriately treated ulcers could result in septic shock or gangrene.

Lawsuits over bedsores can not only provide compensation for the injuries suffered, but also operate as an important safeguard in our society to protect the rights of residents and make sure that proper standards of care are followed in the industry. If you or a loved one has suffered bed sores as the result of negligent nursing home care, please contact the Florida bed sore attorneys at The Trial Professionals immediately. There are no fees or expenses unless a recovery is obtained. However, every claim has a deadline, so it is important that you review any potential claim with a qualified nursing home lawyer as soon as possible.

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