Overtime Attorney's Fees


Will I have to pay attorneys' fees for bringing my claim?

The Trial Professionals, P.A., generally represents wage and overtime clients on a “contingency plus” basis. If we do not recover any money for your claim for any reason whatsoever, then you will not owe us a cent for time spent pursuing you claim. If we do recover money for your claim, then we are paid either directly by your employer who has violated the law, or we will get a percentage of the total amount of the money recovered on your behalf. The complete terms of our representation are always set forth clearly in a written agreement with all of our clients.

Our Florida overtime lawyers will evaluate your claim, at no cost to you, to determine your eligibility for an overtime lawsuit.

Similarly, if we do not make a recovery on your case, you will not have to reimburse our firm for any costs associated with your claim, such as filing and witness fees. If we are successful in obtaining compensation for you, then all cases related expenses are reimbursed to the firm out of the client’s share of the recovery. We are always more than happy to take as much time as necessary answering your questions about how attorney’s fees and costs work. Simply put, however, if we do not make a recovery for you- you do not owe us a cent either for attorney fees or case costs

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