Can I be Retaliated Against for Filing a Wage and Hour Complaint?

Employer retaliation against an employee who files or testifies about an unpaid wage claim is strictly forbidden by both Federal and state law. Employers may not demote, reduce an employee’s hours, assign an employee an undesirable shift, reduce job duties, or give intentionally false poor performance reviews when a claim is filed.

Up to 80% of workers are entitled to receive overtime pay.

If an employer does retaliate against such an employee, it can be held civilly and criminally responsible for such unlawful actions. Some examples of employer retaliation include:

  • Withholding wages
  • Firing the employee for no reason
  • Refusing an expected raise
  • Placing the employee on undesired shifts
  • Giving the worker undesired or lesser job duties
  • Giving negative performance reviews
  • Irrationally disciplining an employee

If you believe that an employer has retaliated against you for making a claim regarding unpaid wages, contact the Florida unpaid wage attorneys at The Trial Professionals as soon as possible so we can help you to recover your pay and collect for any damages you may be entitled to. 

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