Tire Blowout and Defective Tire Claims


Many manufacturers of tires such as Firestone, Continental, Dunlop, General, Goodyear and Michelin have produced dangerous and defective tires that suffer from tread separation and other problems, which can lead to tire blowouts and vehicle roll-overs. In Florida we are particularly vulnerable due to high summer temperatures which contribute to tire tread separations and blowouts. The tread is the outside component of the tire that meets the roadway. It covers the steel belts and the inflated inner liner. In high-performance tires, there may be a cushioning gum between the tread and belt. Tire tread belt separations are an inherent by-product of steel belted radial tires. While steel belted radial tires have the advantage of providing impact and puncture resistance, the use of steel belts is inherently problematic because rubber will not adhere to steel. To obtain adhesion of the rubber tread to the steel belts, tire makers coat the steel with brass. Rubber will adhere to brass, but brass has a tendency to break down quickly.

Other mistakes or oversights in the tread bonding process can cause separation as well. These include materials contaminated with rust, moisture, oxidation, grease, sawdust, gum wrappers or even cigarette butts. Manufacturers have also been found to use outdated bonding ingredients, sub-optimal temperatures or improper sized parts. In one situation, separation was caused by the failure to recognize that air was trapped between the layers of the tire during manufacturing.

When tire tread separation occurs, the outer tread literally peels off the tire, leaving the bare inflated tire exposed. If the tread separates at highway speeds, the driver will feel a sudden lurch to the side. Without tread gripping the road, it's next to impossible for a driver to keep the vehicle on the roadway.

In many instances, these manufacturers try to claim that tire maintenance is a contributing factor of tire-related failures, such as drivers who do not regularly check their tires for proper pressure. The Florida tire blowout Attorneys at The Trial Professionals are prepared to aggressively argue that the poor design or construction is the real cause as opposed to consumer neglect.  We have the experience and litigation skills to develop these theories and hold these manufacturers accountable. 

The Florida defective tire Attorneys at Trial Professionals are familiar with advanced expert investigative techniques, which allow us to find and present the best evidence of belt separation, tread separation or inadequate adhesion between the metal and rubber components of the tire. 

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