Vehicle Rollover and Tire Defects


Vehicle rollover accidents often result in spinal injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, brain and head injuries or death. Factors that can cause rollovers include negligence, carelessness of other drivers, and road conditions or faulty tires. Close to 40% of rollover accidents resulting in deaths involve speeding and half of the fatal accidents involve a driver’s consumption of alcohol or drugs.

The great majority of rollover accidents, around 90% of the accidents involve routine driving maneuvers (going straight or negotiating a curve) at the time of the crash. This suggests that driver behavior (distraction, inattentiveness, speeding, and impaired driving) plays a significant role in rollover crashes. The design of some vehicles can also contribute to a rollover as some vehicles are less stable and more likely than others to roll over.

Defective tires account for nearly 11,000 car crashes each year, and many of those crashes result in incapacitating injury, long term back or neck injuries, or death. In some cases, tire manufacturers construct or design tires improperly causing tread to separate from the metal, and in other cases negligent drivers or mechanics fail to properly inspect and maintain tires. The condition is called “tread separation” or “tread detachment.”

When it becomes known that a tire manufacturer has provided faulty tires, the manufacturer will issue a recall of those tires thus indicating they have been putting drivers and pedestrians at unnecessary risk of serious injury or death. Other times mechanics and car servicers fail to properly inspect tires before the car leaves the shop. Proper tire maintenance in passenger vans is especially important, as these vehicles have a higher risk of rollovers. When vehicle owners, drivers, and service professionals fail to properly inspect all aspects of a vehicle’s tires, including over or under inflation, overloading or tire aging their negligence can lead to serious accident with other vehicles.

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