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Underride vs. Override Florida Semi-Truck Accidents


Our attorneys are experienced working hand-in-hand with the industry experts to assist our clients by checking for all potential causes of these unfortunate accidents.

Underride and override semi-truck accidents often result in devastating damage to our clients and their property.  These accidents result in a significant amount of wrongful death claims each year.  Due to the size of the trucks involved in these accidents many victims are crushed or even decapitated.  Survivors of an underride or override semi-truck accident are often left with permanent life changing injuries.

An underride accident occurs when a normal size automobile collides with a large semi-truck, 18-wheeler, or tractor trailer and continues to travel underneath the vehicle.  The size of the truck and the force of the impact often results in the top of the smaller automobile being shorn off, this can result in devastating bodily injuries or even death.  These accidents may be the result of a passenger vehicle traveling too close to an 18-wheeler, or when a large truck does not see a vehicle in the rear and stops short.

An override accident occurs when a truck drives over and on top of the passenger vehicle.  Such an accident may be the result of brake failure, driver fatigue, or a tailgating truck driver.  Override accidents often result in one or more passenger vehicles being crushed as the front end of 18-wheeler rolls over everything in its path.  Underride and override accidents often occur at dawn or dusk due to the poor visibility and lighting.

Beginning in 1993, the federal government required all new tractor trailers to be equipped with reflective tape and protective devices along the side and the back of the truck to improve visibility and guard against underride accidents.  These requirements do not apply, however, to vehicles that were already in circulation prior to the enactment of the federal law.  If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed as the result of an underride or override truck accident, please contact the experienced Florida automobile accident Attorneys at The Trial Professionals for a free case evaluation.

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