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How are Accident Attorneys Paid?


If we don't make a recovery for you, you don't owe us a cent. We only get paid if we get money for you.

Unlike defense attorneys who are either hired or employed by insurance companies to defend Accident lawsuits on an hourly basis, plaintiff’s Florida {loadpositioncategorytype} attorneys such as The Trial Professionals are paid on a contingency basis. The Florida Supreme Court has approved the use of contingency fee retainer agreements between attorneys and clients in several areas of the law, including Accident and worker compensation. In fact, the Florida Supreme Court has also created a form contingency fee agreement, which serves as the basis for the contingency fee agreements used by almost every Accident attorney in the state of Florida. Accordingly, almost every plaintiff’s Accident attorney represents clients according to the same fee structure as outlined below.

In short, our clients never have to pay a cent out of their own pocket. If we are able to obtain a recovery for our client without having to file a lawsuit, our fee is 33 1/3% of the recovery. If, on the other hand, we are required to file a lawsuit and perform all the extra work that goes along with litigation, then the attorney’s fee increases to 40% of any recovery. Our firm advances all costs associated with our client’s cases, and our clients never have to pay a cent out of their own pocket. These costs are reimbursed to the firm out of any ultimate recovery. Most importantly, however, if we do not make a recovery for our clients, then they do not owe us a cent either for attorney fees or costs. We only get paid if we make a recovery for our clients. I personally enjoy working for our clients on a contingency fee basis because it puts us in the same boat. Our clients know that the more money we get for them, the more money we earn for ourselves. We are not about to leave even a cent on the table, and we will scratch and claw at the defense until we and our clients are 100% convinced that we are getting every possible cent that we can. 

Our Florida worker’s compensation attorneys also use a contingency fee agreement approved by Supreme Court. Worker compensation attorneys are paid a little differently than Accident attorneys. Basically worker’s compensation attorneys are paid 10% of any recovery, but there are also many instances in which the worker compensation insurance companies have to pay separate attorney’s fee directly to our Florida worker compensation attorneys for obtaining certain benefits for our clients. Again, however, even our worker compensation clients never have to pay a cent out of their own pocket, and we are not paid unless we make a recovery for them.

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